Tappy Chicken Procedural Spawning of Posts?

Hello all,

Well it’s been about 3 1/2 hours of me searching and testing the blueprint code of Tappy Chicken trying to figure this out but I have to give up as I can not, for the life of me, find the answer.

So all I’ve been trying to do is figure out how the dev is spawning the obstacles procedurally. The dev starts the game with 6 obstacles already spawned. Then after that I believe those same 6 obstacles spawn off screen (with varied height values) then move from right to left on the screen. What I’ve been trying to do is make it where I just have 1 obstacle initially and then just procedurally spawn obstacles with a varied distance after that one.

First I tried to just remove all but 1 obstacle from the initial game startup. What happens is 1 obstacle gets spawned and another one doesn’t get spawned until the distance of the other 5 deleted obstacles pass by. Essentially giving you 1 obstacle then a LOT of distance then 1 more obstacle, etc…

In the code there’s a “PanObstacles” function. I’ve been through all of these nodes (I’m pretty sure) and I can make the obstacles animate faster towards the chicken (messing with delta time), but I can’t get obstacles to spawn one after the other quickly…to basically close that large distance between obstacles.

I feel there is timer variable or something that I’m missing that’s saying “after so and so second spawn another set of obstacles.” Or a function that waits for the chicken to go a certain distance then spawn another set of obstacles? I’m pretty new to game design so maybe I’m thinking of this from the wrong viewpoint (programmer perspective). Any help or steering in the right direction would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Well after taking a break and looking more at what the dev did I realize that we were approaching it differently.

His seems to be based on filling the screen with obstacles THEN moving them when they get off screen. I was able to just spawn what I wanted based on game time. Woot.