Tappy Chicken Game Crashing on iOS 11.3

Unreal Engine’s Tappy Chicken game was working just fine when my iPhone 7 was on iOS 10. However today as I have updated to iOS 11.3 the game only loads a white blank screen on the startup and crash itself after few second. Is there any way to get it working again?

Tappy Chicken Game crashing on my latest iOS 12 iPhone X. This game keeps crashing on my devices. I want to work this game as early as possible. Am this game addict.

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I am using iOS 11 I am facing the same issue for imovie

I am facing the same issue while playing Tappy chicken game on iOS. I don’t know why but my other app also getting crash like garageband and imessage. Can anyone help me in this?

Have you tried it via gba emulator? It works like a charm.