Tappy Chicken Assets

Hello, I have a multi part question I’m hoping someone can answer. In Tappy Chicken the main scene in viewport1 seems to be made from one large “image”. The tutorials i’ve seen show that you can drag and drop different meshes into the viewport to make your game or level, but that does not seem to be the case with Tappy Chicken. So the second part to the question is are the assets being created on the fly at run time to the viewport and don’t exist during development? If so how did you get the placement correct on screen? I know Paper2D is just around the corner but I’m sure the remake will be made is a similar fashion and I want to understand how I would go about making a game like this. This question arose because I was under the impression that you needed to have assets in the scene to reference them in Blueprints? Is this true? Thanks for your help.

all the assets are being used as components in a single blueprint and then that blueprint has been placed in the level, that’s why you cant see the individual assets in the scene.

Oh I see! Thanks so much, that clears things up a lot. So the Blueprint has access to the assets because they are a component of the Blueprint, thanks again.


your welcome:)