Tango plugin is missing on 4.18

4.18 version only has ArCore plugin without any mesh reconstruction, area learning tango classes. Where is it?
In patch-notes it wasn`t mentioned about stripping tango.
I have Asus AR

I am wondering the same thing. There is a Tango Plugin in 4.17, but it is gone in 4.18. Would be nice to get some clarification about it. Was Tango abandoned? I also have Asus AR and it is starting too feel useless. No ARCore and Tango seems to be dead

Hello adigyran,

The Google ARCore has replaced the Google Tango plugin. However, please keep in mind that this plugin is not 100% complete. I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day

and what about compatibility? Will apps built with ARCore plugin work with Tango phones like Asus AR?