Taking a screenshot ?

Is there a way to do a timed screenshot (or rather several of them) through BP ?

I know there is no way to take screenshots natively on Gear VR, so I figured maybe there is a way to set timer and every 3 sec take a screenie (and make a sound!). This way I can just plug phone into Gear VR, look around and have several screenshots taken.

Ok, I figured it out. Here is the BP setup if you need it (below). The issue, however, is that screenshots come out all corrupted :confused:

Has anyone ever tried taking screenshots on Gear VR ?

I don’t understand what you do with the delay node on tick event? This way after three secs everything is excecuted every frame. I guess that’s what your counter is for? Wouldn’t it make more sense to create a timer on beginplay with a 3 sec interval ?

I’m not sure if ‘shot’ is supported on gearVR… my tests are all black.

I am new to UE4 and BP, so whatever I could come up with at my spare time last night, I did :slight_smile:

I am not sure what timers are in BP. All I needed it to kick off count down (3 sec), and do it 5 times in a row. I think this is the easiest setup. When you start you game, delay node will be kicked and count down 3 sec. It doesn’t matter it gets kicked every frame. It won’t take any screenshots until 3 sec run out. Feel free to offer your solution, if it’s more efficient and as simple.

No screenshot functionality is supported in VR on any platform. Hopefully Epic will fix it in 4.12, if they ever read my bug report / feature request.

What i meant is that it won’t take screenshots every three seconds that way, but after three seconds it will take a screenshot every other frame.

At the end of the day, I needed 5 screenshots taken 3 sec apart. That BP setup does exactly that.

Again, if you have a good idea of how to implement it differently, please do share. Initially I wanted to kick off 5 sec delay on event Begin Play, then take a screenshot, wait 3 sec, take another one, and so on. 5 times. I attempted it and couldn’t really figure it out.

If it’s just executing console commands then you might as well pick up a bluetooth keyboard and create a bind for it that way you can take shots of exactly what you want. It’s a good investment for GearVR development.

Oculus is preparing native functionality, where you can go into global menu and take a screenshot (although ETA on that is “when it’s done”). Why spend money on something I will never use?! UE4 must support screenshot taking in VR. So when they add it, it should work out of the box.

Anyhow, I am looking forward FrederickD offering a proper BP setup to execute console cmd, where it does the job and doesn’t “fire” every frame like my setup.

This would be one way to set it up using a timer :ddd6bebe4fd7a15a35583754acb4520f583451f5.jpeg

But you could just bind it to the android back button and take a screenshot whenever you want. (which won’t work in 4.11p6 since back button goes to the oculus menu instantly )

Since taking a screenshot gives a rendering delay you wouldn’t want to use this in a non player invoked way unless for debug purposes.

And yeah, this discussion doesn’t really go anywhere with android or rather gear vr SHOT command being broken… i guess we should file a bug

What would be awesome is that for gear vr we could take spherical panorama screenshots :slight_smile:

Hmm… It’s not quite clear to me how this BP works :confused:

How does it flow?

What does Custom Event node do?

What value does Timer by Even return and how is it working with Clear Timer by Handle?

Why do you not have Set variable node? Don’t you have to set it every time you decrement it ?

Sorry if it sounds like I undermine your BP skills, I don’t. I am total n00b in UE4/BP and for now I try to make it easier for myself to learn BP by making things flow sort of linearly (which I am sure not always possible).

Well, I had to buy bluetooth keyboard to take screenshots. Works like a charm :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just enable GearVR developer mode and use the phones screenshot capabilities?
Haven’t tested it but I’m sure that would work without the need of any blueprints/accessories

It’s not possible - tracking of the head doesn’t work when device isn’t in Gear VR. And on top of that the view angles always reset into a certain values. No matter how I rotate player in the Editor, on the device it will always look at certain angles, whichisn’t always where I need camera to look at to take a screenshot.

Bluetooth kb allows me to wear GVR, look around and take shots, still using phone’s native functionality.

Rejoice folks:

I guess I could have waited on bluetooth keyboard :slight_smile: (although I admit I prefer typing using keyboard than touchscreen any time of the day!)

Hello! I tried that method and it works!.. half way. I get some screenshots, but they are some square screenshots of the left eye only (no right eye, no rectangular screenshot). Am I the only one with that problem? What could it be?

No, that’s how it’s meant to be. That functionality is more suitable for presentation.

If you want fully fledged screenshots, buy bluetooth keyboard with Print Screen key on it.