Take damage from objects?

Hi i made this simple game where you go up stairs and have to avoid falling objects. I got most of it working but i cant find a way to get the object to kill the player?

I just started using UE4 today. Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

I would make a blueprint for your falling objects. I assume you have that part roughly set up already. Then add a Capsule Component to the falling-object BP. In the components view, with the capsule selected, you should see a button to “Add event” under events… make an event for “OnComponentBeginOverlap”. when you click that button it will make a new event node in the event graph.

You should then be able to do “Get Player Pawn” and “Cast to->” with your player pawn blueprint type. Then you should be able to trigger a specific event inside the player pawn blueprint, such as “HitbyFallingOjbect”.