T-Shirt Logo

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering your thoughts on creating layered materials for things like a t-shirt with a base material and up to five individual graphics applied. The material should have the following attributes:

  1. Graphics need to be adjustable via the UV space
  2. Graphics need to have separate material controls like roughness and normals to make it look like a coating on top of fabric
  3. Graphics should be easily swapped out for another graphic.
  4. Graphics can be turned on and off.

Currently I’m using a huge network of nodes in a single material that has become a beast to manage and make sense of, especially for someone who didn’t create the material, but it works. I’ve just started to look into Material Layers to simplify things but it seems I would need separate input for the Layer Asset and Blend Asset which would make it tricky to move the graphic around on the fabric. Unless there is a way of linking the file and UV input of the Layer Asset and Blend Asset of a graphic it seems like this isn’t going to make things any simpler.

Just curious how you might approach this problem? Is there a way of simplifying my material beyond using material functions to organize and clean things up? Is there a better way to use a layered material approach?

I’ve attached an image of what my current network looks like for reference.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.