T pose or Try and match the UE4 hero in the UE4 tools?

I am working on a webcomic, and my first step is to get my base characters from Blender to UE4. They are uv mapped, with overlapping uvs, each one on a different material because I want to have a high quality texture on each model. (There will be times I need closeups and it will simply look better.) I was told that UE4 will handle it. Anyhow, I was referred to mixamo, who I downloaded once before, when I first started here, and noticed the site uses the T pose upon uploading. My characters use with a modified A pose and I still have the base forms so I can redo them and transfer the uvs. There are also shapekeys provided for expressions that I’m hoping will also transfer. I’ve done som searching and it’s been working for some but not others. I dont care if I have to load the morphs in one at a time, via objs, I want the expressions. Any way how flexible is the rig for UE4? Can it handle being moved into this position and not mess up the stock animations?

Here is the male
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I have been working a lot with retargeting skeletons to the UE4 Mannequin recently. It works well if you have the same bones structure for both skeletons and can match them correctly.
I use Mixamo as well. If you can build a character using Mixamo, you can download it with the proper UE4 skeleton. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.
If you can rig, you could rig a character you made in blender to the UE4 skeleton.
Good Luck and hope this helps.

I uploaded the girl to mixamo and rigged her but got disappointing results. I even tried the T pose and didn’t get anywhere. All I got in the persona was this weird head nod and a character that would not move at all as I moved in the 3rd person demo.

I can rig, rigging is actually quite easy for me, it’s the weight painting that gets me. I guess I’ll try rerigging it to the UE4 tools skeleton, moving the bones to match my character. The arms and fingers are a little too straight for it and the legs a little close but you only fail when you fail to try.

Edit: I’m going to match up the UE4 skeleton to my girl model and see how that goes. I’m not beyond completely animating the characters from scratch but I would like to save time. :slight_smile: