Syncing a FBX animation to a flipbook animated texture

I animated a box in 3dsmax. It makes a 360° rotation for 100 frames (0-99). I created an animated flipbook texture also for 100 frames. 1 row 100 columns.I´d now like to sync both as exact as possible. For the moment I come pretty close by using a TimeWithSpeedVariable where I connect the “Time” value to the animation phase of the flipbook and using a value of 0.303 as speed input. I come to this value by trial and error. And as closer I come as longer I have to wait to see if it’s out of sync. I wonder if there is a better way to exactly sync both or some kind of formula to get the exact value. Any idea is much appreciated. Btw. the 3dsmax framerate is default 30fps if this has any effect on the import.