sync audio with animated textures with animated geometry

I have animated a vehicle in maya and exported it to unreal. I would like to have a first person interactive camera where the driver would be. Furthermore, I have some geometry with my scene playing back movies as textures and I have an audio soundtrack that goes along with it. I would like my car animation, audio and movies to be playing back in sync.

I have created a level blueprint that brings in the movies thru MediaPlayer references, my audio as an AudioComponent reference, and my vehicle geometry through a SkeletalMeshComponent reference which I am piping into their respective “play” nodes. Each component is the same length and is intended to be looped so I am using stop and rewind nodes to achieve this and using delays to get all the components to catch up in the loops, but it all seems fairly convoluted, hacky, and not consistent.

Is there a simpler way to do this? Can I use montage or the sequencer but still have a first person camera I can interactively move to look around the scene, the way the driver of car could?