Sync animation creation with music

Want to create a digital scenography for an event with classic music as soundtrack.

Didn’t want to create VJ effects but to model animation to follow music with creativity and not to be only executed based on some events and parameters.

The need its not to launch sound effects, but to create something similar to a movie with the music as a driver.

Nor can I first create the scenography and next choose the right music, the music choice it’s already done and I need to just use it.

In UE4 can you easy achieve that?

Yes dear animation is getting so much importance in most of the musical New York events these days; every live music concert also has animated sync with it. I just love both together.

I think its best if you acquire professional sound via another method or source. There’s many websites out-there offering professional sound effects. About events, I did not understand what you meant, are you looking for events or something? you can google that also, youll find sites like this one.