Symmetry: Early Access available now! (1-4 Player)

My second title ‘Symmetry’ is now available for download! :slight_smile:


Created in UE4, Symmetry is a 3D platforming challenge like no other.
Play solo or against up to 3 others in Symmetry - a ball roller that is sure to put your nerves to the test!


Symmetry features 4 addictive modes, which include:

ADVENTURE - Take on each of the elevated tracks as fast as possible, what time will you get?
ACTIVATION - Light every switch on the map to summon the exit portal.

Multiplayer (split-screen)
RACE - 2-4 players, compete with your friends and family to see who rules each track!
DOMINATION - Pure chaos! Challenge up to 3 others, grab the orb and light the most panels before time runs out.


It would be great to know what you all think.

There is still so much more planned for Symmetry, so make sure to keep up to date with its development :slight_smile: