Sword collision in paper 2D

hi everyone,

im still starting to learn UE4 and i decided to go with creating a paper 2D game. I have a few questions regarding how am i going to process sword fights.

I was thinking there are 2 ways to go about it but im not really sure which one i should use.

first is directly using a paperflipbook and just create a collision capsule but the thing is i dont want to take damage if i collide with an enemy just with his sword attack.

Q: is it possible to just spawn a collision capsule once the actor attacks?

second method is attaching another blueprint for sword into my enemy blueprint. but the problem is the animation might come a bit off since its a separate flipbook it might look awkward.

Q: how would i go about combo strikes? is there like a key press counter that can trigger a different attack?

thanks in advance.

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did you find away to do that