Switching to and Viewing from Blueprint Camera

I’m trying to figure something out.

I have a camera that’s parented to an animation playing inside of a blueprint. Essentially the camera is moving along a path. The animation plays; and the camera (from within the blueprint editor) appears to move along just fine.

How do I view from the (moving) blueprint camera?

Thank you!

Hey, there’s a node called “Set View Target with Blend”. It allows you to change cameras, just put in your Player Controller (accessed via the GetPlayerController node) into the Target slot, and the camera you want to see in the New View Target slot. To reset, you can just set the view target to the player controller!

Hey there, thank you for the reply. What you’ve described is the direction that I have started. There’s one thing I can’t figure out, and that’s how to reference the camera within the blueprint for the ‘New View Target’. I can’t seem to connect any nodes, even when trying to reference the blueprint>camera within the Level Editor.

Any advice for how to connect the ‘New view Target’ from the camera in the Blueprint? That’s where I’m stuck. Thank you!

Try getting the camera component from the camera you have in the blueprint, and plug that in as a view target. I can’t look it up now but when I’m back at my computer I’ll look at it again!

Thank you again. What seemed to work is just plugging the blueprint (actor) reference into the target node. Didn’t need to find any specific reference, which was my trouble earlier.