Switching camera and control scheme in BP

What is the best way to accomplish this scenario:
Third person game by default. I want the player to be able to go over to a desk and press the use key. When the key is pressed, I want the game to switch to a static camera view of the desk and I want the mouse pointer to take over. The player can click on objects on the desk or pull out drawers. Then when the use key is pressed again it returns back.

I haven’t had a lot of time to test this out, but in my mind I would have a separate static pawn that has the camera viewing the desk. When use key is pressed, hide the player’s mesh and possess this static pawn which then handles all of the logic for the clicking around. When use is pressed again, unhide the player mesh and possess it again. Is this correct or am I over complicating things?

All of this sounds right. Posses the desk and have all it’s functions handled inside it so that your regular player isn’t cluttered up with functions that don’t pertain to it. You can even add a camera to the desk for a better angle if you haven’t already, might not even need to hide the player’s mesh unless it gets in the way.