Switching between VR and Non-VR Pawn

For a project I am working on, I would like it to be usable both with and without VR.

For example, when the Play mode is “Selected Viewport” it spawns the non-VR pawn controlled with the mouse and keyboard. When the Play mode is “VR Preview”, it spawns the VR Pawn controlled with the Oculus Rift HMD and Touch controllers. For this case, how can you “detect” the play mode using blueprints?

I essentially used the VR Pawn blueprint that came with the Virtual Reality content packs and added my own code to it, so another possibility would be to modify the pre-existing code to detect if a VR HMD is plugged in. If plugged in, spawn VR Pawn, otherwise spawn non-VR Pawn. This would make it so it could do both VR and mouse and keyboard as an executable.

Any advice on how to achieve either of those suggestions would be greatly helpful, but I’m open to suggestions other than what I brought up.

Thank you in advance!