Switching between Level Camer actors and character camera component.

I’ve written a simple code to use level cameras around some scenarios of my game. For it i used the ‘Set View Target with Blend’ node.
But this node uses a Camera actor as the ‘New View Target’, and the camera inside my character is a camera component. So i haven’t been able to set the same thing for this camera component whenever i don’t want to use level cameras anymore (instead the player’s one).

The way i’d figure to solve this is creating a new camera inside the level and attaching it to the springarm of my character and cheating as if this was the normal character camera. But i have many other functions inside my character that use the original one (like a reset camera or auto-adjusting). Therefore this method isn’t really what i like the most.

Do you have any suggestion to go around this? What would be best is to be able to somehow connect my original character camera component to the ‘Set View Target with Blend’ node. But i would need to “convert” it to an actor before.