Switch pawn player per level

Hi guys,
quick and silly question here.
Lets say i have different view modes on my game. For example one pawn is a movable player (my character pawn for example) in one level, and have other levels in which the player is locked to a chair (a camera only), with view around only.
Tried chenging that on pawn, but it changes for the complete game, so i guess this is done via level blueprint right?
Thanks in advance!


Well if you want to change this type of thing purely on a level by level base you can just override the game mode.

In each level you have the option to override the single components (for example the character, Hud, etc) accessible at the top under blueprint.
Like so:


Ignore the red mark. That was to show something to someone else :wink:

That easy? ok, more rtfm for me :o
Thanks a lot Erasio!