Switch on int needs improvement in BP

Unlike it’s c++ counterpart, switches on int in BP don’t allow a lot of freedom, you can choose the starting index but not the next indexes, meaning if I wan’t to implement a default behavior for all values except 5 and 30, I would need to manually set 6 to 29 pins to execute the default behavior

You can always daisy-chain Pure & Impure logic nodes and get to the same end result.
Why not play around with InRange + Branch / SwitchonInt and see if that gets you there…
Or even try and rework the logic. Sometimes a configuration of Select can help out too…

Mhh, indeed these could work but it’s something so trivial in C++ that I don’t understand why it’s not here in bp

Or use switch on string and convert the int to string.

Simply because BP is totally different from C++, you can’t compare them like this.

That sounds seriously horrible :smiley: