Switch multiple objects and colours on 2 different keys


I have a question regarding blueprint set ups for what is essentially a configurator style scene in unreal. For a basic explanation of my scene, lets say i have a box which will never change. Next to this box i have 2 spheres. These 2 spheres i want to set up to appear individually on a key press such as “Z”. Then i want to cycle the color choices with “X” for example. So i will always see the Box, and then by Pressing “Z” one sphere will appear which can then be color changed with “X”.

I have this working in the Blueprints, i can easily get objects to appear and disappear as well cycle through colors.

The problem i am having is that i cant seem to get more than 1 object bind to a key such as “Z”. I am having to bind each object which will change color to a separate key such as “Z” then “C” then “V” per object. How can i bind multiple objects in a scene “could be 50+” to a single key binding such as “Z” ?

Above shows my current blueprint set up. Note that these represent 2 different pieces of geometry in the scene. Am i correct in creating different blueprints for each object? should they all be in the same blueprint and have multiple static meshes connected to the “set material” node? Is there a way to group multiple objects together for this, as it will be very tedious to add every single piece of geometry manually. Can i somehow group multiple assets in my scene to a single static mesh node?

Any ideas?