Switch from left click to right click to make character walk in the Top Down Example, in UE4

When creating a new project in the Unreal Engine 4, you can choose to create a project already with some added features and things (Top Down Example).

This project has a character (which I changed its appearance) and it moves around the map when I click the left mouse button:

I looked at the blueprints of the project, but I did not identify where the command is that makes the character walk, so I’d like it to walk when I right-click.

Alls blueprints of project:










The circled blocks of reds are the ones I suspected could be where I should make the modification, but no information on them gave me the certainty that that was where I was supposed to change.

I still do not create projects in C ++ programming mode, because I do not have Visual Studio 2017.

Some links from websites where I spent before coming here and that can help you to help me:

The video is 2015, so although it’s good, I did not take it so well, because I know that with all this time that has already happened, a lot is different.

Sorry for any translation errors, I’m not English speaker.