Swinging off a dynamic tethered rope

Hello hello, how’s it going? UE4 novice here, ~3 months, going strong. I consulted significant amounts of tutorial resources, help threads and documentation before writing this. None of it solved my problem, so here I am. Let’s get going.

Basically: I need help shooting out a rope for swinging. Not a motorized grappling hook, but a non-rigid constraint that’s shot and tethered to world geometry, then you can start swing with it and detach yourself whenever.

For me, the ideal solution would only set a maximum radius distance between you and the tethered point, just as a real-life rope swing would do. You’re free to get closer to the tether point, but not farther. I want it to collide with the world geometry, but not if it leads me down a hacky, overwhelming bug-fixing rabbit hole. Solutions I’ve tried included one where the “rope” was more like a stiff force field where I couldn’t get farther or closer to the tethered point. More like swinging off a stiff rod rather than a flexible tether. It used vector calculations to generate force and keep me planted on a radius. Not ideal.

Physics constraints have failed, for whatever reason. I’m reluctant to use Add Force, but who knows what the solution needs at this point. Right now, I’m thinking of somehow making a rope constraint between two physics objects (player and tether swinging point), with maximum distance, but no minimum distance. Ideas?

Here’s my relevant work on this, so far. Sorry if it’s not quite readable. Thank you!