Swinging Lantern Physics Issue


I´m trying to make chinese lanterns in a row, like on the attached image.

I´ve made a rigged rope (with physics) that works really well. I´ve also made the actual lanterns, consisting of a small, top rope and the sphere. The top rope (black, upper part of the sphere on the image (not the long rope)) is rigged with a few bones. The sphere part is rigged with one bone. These 2 parts are one mesh.

When I imported it into UE4 everything works well physics wise, just as I would expect when the lantern is placed into the world. The problem occurs when I attach the lantern to the socket of the long rope, of which the lantern should be hanging from. The physics suddenly appear weird and different. It seems like the issue is that the lantern’s position is directly affected by the long ropes position. So when the long rope is swinging up and down, the whole lantern simply instantly does the same, which looks very unrealistic. I would like only the top part of the lanterns rope to be affected. The actual lantern should just “live it’s own life”.

Anyone knows how to solve this, or can suggest another way to accomplish these lanterns?