Swinging chain

I’m trying to make a chain that hangs from the ceiling with static meshes. I’ve done this in UE3, but its been a while. The static mesh is 4 links long. I’ve made a blueprint that extends the length to be as long as the public 3d vector. This part is working perfectly.

The mesh is set to use complex collision by default. If I set the first segment to simulate physics the whole thing falls off the ceiling and actually falls through the floor. I have the rest of the segments set to simulate physics, but one of two things happens. Either they too fall through the floor, or if I weld them to the first one, then they don’t budge at all.

You may want to look into physics constraints. I’m not sure if it works with more than 2 physics actors but it’s worth a try.

I found it and its starting to work in static form. Just need to make it work in dynamic form and I’ll be good to go. Thanks!

This is driving me nuts. If I manually create everything it works perfectly. If I create it dynamically, it all flies apart. The manual version requires you to type in the name of the components to constrain, which is not a problem.

The dynamic version initially also asks for the name which doesn’t exist. Doesn’t matter if I leave it blank or put in the names of the permanent object. However it appears that I can get around this issue of names with the “Set Constrained Components Node”. It asks for a target (I’m assuming this is the newest constraint) as well as component actors. I feed it the previous mesh and the current mesh just I had done manually, but no it falls apart anyway. Its almost like its ignoring my “Set Constrained Components” node.

This is the setup I’m using. All the values are the same as they would have been if it was manually setup.