Sweep Precision

Hello, i have start a video game project of building. I want build whitout snapping, just freedom, so i have create a code who spawn object to impact point of a linetrace, but he ignore the collison, for the collision i use a sweep, i spawn the object on the position of my camera and i sweep then to the impact point, but the collision is not good, he have a space beetwen object … i’m lost x) i have make a video on youtube, you can see the sweep at 3.36 minutes here - >[ Projet D - DevLog #1 ] - Le Commencement ! - YouTube and you can see the probleme at 1:41 minutes here - > [ Projet D - DevLog #2 ] - Les débuts de l'intelligence artificielle ! - YouTube Thank at all !

I’d first adjust the collisions so they are perfect.