SwarmAgent & SwarmCoordinator configuration full tech

English is not my mother language, i hope people can understand what i say:

Glossary in this tutorial:
1, the local machine = Computer UE4 project file opened, in this tutorial is MGJ033 (IP address:
2, server = Computer distributed network building that runs SwarmAgent.exe machine; in this tutorial is NB01, NB02 … etc.
3, manager = Computer running SwarmCoordinator.exe; this tutorial is MGJ033 (IP address:

Network construction principle:
Local machine -> Manager -> Servers

The setup process:
1, Configuration of the servers
extract the StrongSwarmAgent to a directory on each server, such as c: \ program files \ StrongSwarmAgent

SwarmAgent.exe program version is 1.7.2891.0
SwarmAgnet.exe of UE4.8.3 , which version is 1.7.2892.0, if you copy that to servers and run it, may be there are some problems
Maybe the server has been added to the manager but does not work

Run SwarmAgnet.exe, switch to the Settings page, and there are a few setting need to be modified:
–CacheFolder: cache directory, you can use the default values, or another directory
–AgentGroupName: the current server belongs to which group, according to the need to use the same group or divided into several different groups
–AllowedRemoteAgentGroup: if the servers are within several groups, here you can specify the server group with which to build
–AllowedRemoteAgentNames: the name of the server computer that supports wildcards. For example “NB01, NB05”, “NB0*”, “NB2*, NB3*”,"*"It is possible, separated by a comma between each computer name
–CoordinatorRemotingHost, manager of the computer name or IP

Every server needs to be installed with UE4 necessary VC++ running package, DirectX.
UE4 program is no necessary.

2, the configuration of manager
Run C: \ Program Files \ Epic Games \ 4.8 \ Engine \ Binaries \ DotNET \ SwarmCoordinator.exe
3, the local machine
The settings of SwarmAgent.exe are same as those servers

4, the operating system settings
Construction of the network is to use TCP port 8009, so the firewall must allow it
If the server’s address are not within a network segment, you can not access each other directly through the computer name (even though you can access via IP), you need to manually add the discription in HOSTS file in windows\system32\drivers\etc
something like the following: NB01 NB02 NB03 NB04
The local host and the servers will be modified
Otherwise, the server has been add in the list of manager, but it can not work

Possible questions
Q: Server Manager does not appear
A: may SwarmAgents.exe program version, or a network firewall blocked

Q: Manager server in the list, but it does not participate in the construction
A: may the server computer and the machine does not recognize the name, or the machine or SwarmAgents.exe in “AllowedRemoteAgentGroup” or “AllowedRemoteAgentNames” is not correct