Swarm using 128 threads??

Hey community!
I need some help/answers:)
I am thinkning about buying AMD TR 3990X 64cores/128threads. Do you know if swarm will be able to use more than 64 threads - in this case 128 threads. Does swarm has any limitations here?
Thanks in advance!

We’re still waiting for the first guy who would run Unreal on it and share if anything here can use both NUMA nodes :wink:

Although… if you’re all about baking light… GPU-based and DXR-based Lightmass is coming with 4.25. Perhaps that’s an early version, but if you gonna invest in hardware - RTX card might a thing you’re looking for.

Thats interesting. Do you know if it will support multi GPU light baking? At the moment I am more in to CPU baking cause my whole team is swarming mulitple PCs between each other.

Best to ask in the dedicated thread: Luoshuang's GPULightmass - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

DXR-baking could be faster than a team of CPU. And artist could iterate on lightning without using the resources of other people.