Swarm agent will make it faster?

Hi there!

Ive read about Swarm agent;
So my question is

I’ve a Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1070 16GB RAM SSD

If I put in render farm these old pcs

PC 1:FX 8120 RX 570 32GB RAM SSD

PC 2: FX 8150 RX 570 32GB RAM SSD

PC 3: Core 2 Quad Q8200 NVIDIA QUADRO 600 4GB RAM SSD

PC 4: Core 2 Quad Q6600 GTX 750 2GB 4GB RAM SSD

PC 5: Phenom X6 1075T GTX 770 8GB RAM SSD

PC 6: Core 2 Duo E8500 NVIDIA QUADRO 600 4GB RAM HDD

PC 7: Xeon X5660 RX 570 32GB RAM SSD

Will be better? in what?

I already have the pcs, I only need order the 3X RX 570 gpu.
Found in about 250usd in aliexpress…

If I got no more performance gain, Ill forget this idea

A lower spec PC in the pipeline would slow down the process, or cause a hangup. thing is, the swarm controller will actually show you what is being done, so after you run once and it hangs you’ll notice it and you can just eliminate the PC from the list.
The downside is you have to go through the process at least once.

Thanks, will test it soon

It could also be one mesh in the scene with a high lightmap density causing the hang-up. Seen as lightmass cannot spread a single object’s calculation across multiple cores, your bake could end up taking way longer than expected because one single core in the whole farm could be stuck rendering this one object - having a faster processor will rarely help in situations like that.

If your light builds are taking longer than expected, make sure to utilise the lighting info stats window so you can see if there are any meshes in your scene taking way longer than they should be - like a door handle with a 4k lightmap. It’s not always the hardware that’s at fault.