Swarm Agent problem - UE 4.8p3


Remotes Agents can connect to the coordinator but not the local one… :frowning:

I can Build lights without issues in Editor.

But if I try to make a Network Build, The local Agent can’t connect to the SwarmCoordinator with SwarmAgent 1.7.2892.0 (UE4.8)

I have 2 computers

  • Computer 1 (where Editor is installed and Coordinator is launched) : The agent can’t connect to the coordinator
  • Computer 2 (With a copy of the DotNet folder containing the Agent) : The agent can connect to the coordinator without issue.

If I replace the SwarmAgent.exe 1.7.2892.0 (UE4.8) by 1.7.2891.0 (UE4.7.x), It can connect to the coordinator. I haven’t try yet to Build Light in this configuration.

What changes have been made on Agents in 4.8 (I see two news files : ‘SwarmcommonUtils.pdb and .dll’) ? Can I continue tu use the Agent 1.7.2891 with Unreal 4.8 or I will have some problems?

Thanks by advance for your answers.


Hi Metathesus,

Please post this to the answerhub in the bug reports section at so we can assist you more in depth. Thank you!