Swarm Agent on 2990wx using only 1 or 2 cores

I’ve just setup swarm agent on another pc in my office with a 2990wx (32c/64t), and it receives jobs from the coordinator just fine. But, it refuses to consistently use all cores. It spends 99% of the time using less than 2 cores and even those rarely run at 100%. In developer settings, the local and remote processor count are 62 and 64 respectively.

I’m not sure what the issue is. Following the exact same setup procedure on another pc with a 2700x yielded perfect results, with that PC running at 100% almost all the time.

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The problem with many core CPUs was only fixed very recently. You can try upgrading to 4.25 and see if it helps

I’m on 4.25 already unfortunately

any other ideas?