Swarm Agent. Not all Cores in 4.11

Hello everyone,

I have a quite strange problem. I’m using two computers via SwarmCoordinator to build lighting. After the “Collection Photons” not all Cores are used for " Processing Mappings". Always I start building, I have a different amount of cores. Together there are 14 Cores. Sometimes Agent works with 9, 10, 11, or 12 Cores. Amount is not changing during the build, but always different for every build-“job”. I read that this was a known issue in 4.7. I’m working with 4.11

Any idea?


EDIT: I also have the problem that the machine with SwarmCoordinatar does not really work. CPU workload is only at 5 %. My Second PC with only SwarmAgent has 100%.

Screenshot (3).png
Screenshot (5).png

I want to know how to improve this situation…

wait for the reply

even i m facing this issue… :frowning: no fixes we found yet…

I don’t think this is anything out of the norm.

Essentially, multiple cores can’t write to one lightmap texture at once, so there can be times when some cores are waiting for others to finish before they can move on (this is why you usually end up with just one core working at the end of a big build).