Swapping Projectiles & Pickups

I want to be able to pickup different types of projectiles with keys like 1,2,3,4 throughout my level and then when I press 1,2,3,4 it allows me to fire a different type of projectile.

I know UE4 can do this because I have seen it used in the projectiles demo pack on the marketplace but I cannot seem to find any sort of tutorials on how to make this work.

Could anyone help me out?

you’re asking how to make a fairly involved setup in blueprints. Its not going to be a simple answer. If you try to get as far as you can then ask what you need to get further it might be easier to answer. Do you already have a pickup system that reloads a weapon w/o the special types?

No I don’t have anything but two seperate projectiles made that work the way I want.

are you using the first person blueprint template? then you made 2 new projectiles that you can connect the same way the yellow ping pong ball was, yes?

Hello mate,

Breaking it into really high level steps, you would want something along the lines of:

Projectile Pickup
On overlap with the ProjectilePickup1, destroy ProjectPickup1, Set bProjectile1PickedUp? to True

Shooting Specific Projectile
On mouse click, use a branch to check if bProjectile1PickUp? = True, if true then you fire Projectile1, if false then continue to check your other boolean variables for your other projectiles.

This is as I said, very high level but setting something like this up in Blueprints is not to hard.
Have a crack at setting up a event graph like I have described and report back if it works or not.
If your having no luck I am sure we will be able to help get it working!

Exactly yes!