Swapping Possession from AI Controller to Player and Back to AI Controller- Help Please


I’m pretty new to programming / UE4 and I’m having a ton of fun, but I’m hoping someone can help me with a question. I watched a tutorial on possessing a character that’s located here.
I’ve also worked through the Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide under Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 Documentation. Both of these tutorials are fantastic. However, I’m struggling to merge the two together.
I have the behavior tree set up to have the AI character chase you if they see you, and then patrol around if they dont see you. This works. I am also able to possess the AI character from the Third Person Character if I go up to them and press “E”. But after I unpossess the AI character and take control of the Third Person Character again, the AI character just stands there and does nothing / does not return to carrying out the behaviors in the behavior tree. My goal is to make AI controlled characters that progress through a behavior tree, can be played by the player characters, and then be once again controlled by the AI controller to go back to working through the behavior tree.
I’m convinced my error is a simple one, but I’ve tried many things over the course of three days and I just cant figure it out. Here are some images of my code…hopefully I’m providing everything relevant.

ThirdPersonCharacter Code to Possess Test_Character_2

Behavior Tree for Test_Character_2

Test_Controller_2 for Test_Character_2

Test_Character_2 code to repossess ThirdPersonCharacter

Thank you so, so much for your help!