Swapping meshes on a skeleton

What’s the trick to having more than one mesh which uses the same skeleton? I have characters defined and bound to a HeroTPP skeleton in the modeling program and I would like to apply them to the Hero skeleton in the game. However, when I import them, they end up all distorted if I tell it to use the Hero skeleton. If I leave the skeleton choice blank, I don’t get any animations. What needs to happen to make this work?

Take a look here: Animation Retargeting (Same Skeleton)

I tried that. It resulted in a mess. I’m thinking the fbx exporter in blender is having larger issues than were previously known.

After some additional experimentation, I found that the problem is the fbx importer doing some unwanted rotations on the skeleton. Bottom line is that the fbx import/export stuff still has some significant issues that need to be resolved before blender is going to be able to work with UE4 reliably.