Swap between player and free camera

I have a Gamemode set to just DefaultPawn as Default Pawn Class. When the game starts, I can freely move throughout the level from the PlayerStart starting point.

By pressing the P key (SwitchPlayer) I get to control the main character BP_Player, which I can control as a third person character.

Problem is I don’t know how to get into free camera mode again. If I connect the FlipFlop point B with PlayerStart-CasttoPawn I get a warning that the conversion will never be successful.

How can I return to free camera mode again?

it might be a matter of storing a reference to the Default Pawn the Game Mode spawns initially:

  • on Event Begin Play, get current Pawn, right click its Return Value pin and Promote To Variable - give it a meaningful name.

See if this works - untested but fingers crossed

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OMG it works ty so much!!!

Here’s the graph I got based on yours, it’s so nice because it remembers the DefaultPawn last location every time I switch, so I don’t need to update its position, and everything works as I want it to :slight_smile:

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