See?! Fortnite revenue might bring benefits for all of us :smiley:

Now if only they’d get rid of all those bots trying to steal accounts I would feel less paranoid…

And can’t forget about the many “won’t fix” reports, they scare the heck out of me… What if someday something I can’t fix myself (mostly graphics code) is blocking us from shipping and is labeled “won’t fix”??

You Sir, might be the highlight of my day. Happy face

Great news. Our voices have been heard at last. Fortnite revenues will for sure have a positive impact on how the engine evolves. :smiley:

Or cause the demise of Epic as they start to become too Greedy, don’t get excited until we something official from Epic

At the very least it would be nice if they improve lightmass, what I’d like from that is some speed improvements–and the ability for lighting data to be shared between objects so you don’t get the weird lighting variations

It would nice if they could make lightmass more extensible/less obtuse so others could do like Luoshuang and plug their own lightmappers into it.

Any improvements to lightmass is still not going to make it usable for open world environments. I wonder what kind of project file size we’d be looking at if we use lightmass on an 8x8 kilometers game world (if we don’t die of old age before lighting is built).

It’s better to ask that super caliber team to do IBL first so people can actually use it for large outdoors, then work on new hypemass features that’d be used for next gdc floor.

I agree. not sure why people get excited with new potential Lightmass improvements when it’s mentioned in these threads about dynamic GI

btw I had a shot at the IBL thing I mentioned with reflection captures.
I was able to make reflection captures show up as lighting but the results are worse than I expected. captures can “see” to infinity which means any bright spots will leak inside windows/doors/etc indefinitely, no matter how far they are (I’d probably need a ‘maximum render view distance’ for captures, but then it wouldn’t work for reflections anymore. alternatively if captures had depth I’d be able to filter out far objects by distance, but I doubt probes have depth information).
aside from that there’s a big issue that capturing probes will accumulate over themselves each time you capture them, since they are already affecting the scene as lighting. as such, I have to turn them off every time I want to recapture and then turn them on again.

these issues severely affect its feasability, and the more engine changes I have to make, the less chance that it would ever get accepted as a pull request (chances are already slim, since they removed the DiffuseFromCaptures feature in the first place)
in any case I’m focused on other things at the moment so I can’t work on this currently. but if there’s interest I can at least post some screenshots of my progress :slight_smile:

haha hypemass :stuck_out_tongue:

this is not true. Why do you keep making stuff up?…015_Remedy.pdf

No it doesn’t. Tomb Raider lighting tech is completely separate from VXAO. All it does is add accurate shadowing and increase the directional sun brightness.
Another made up statement by you.

If we got megatextures+GPU lightmass, you could use it for large outdoor environments. Also hybrid approaches are a possibility.

I don’t see how that would change anything. The issue with using baked lighting for large environments is not just the capability (though GPU rendering would have that issue) it’s how much storage space it would take once it’s done.

Makes perfect sense overall, but as mentioned already disk size would be inflated considerably, but for lightmap texel density it may be acceptable.
But what is more important, that open world quite commonly means also dynamic world. In case of latter, that would be useless.

He said “bigger” than progressive baking.
And isn’t RTX…

The hype is set.

Technically, it could be realtime GI called Lightmass 2 :smiley:

It’s better than Lightmass,
It’s not RTX,
It’s not dynamic G.I
Let me guess…

What type of lighting advancements would Epic’s next game require? Given their next game is definitely not a big open world. ^^

I bet they gonna continue efforts on Distance Field GI :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe it’s just something again for car manufacturers, nothing actually usable for video games zzzz

I know QB stuff because the developers told me that when I was visiting at their office. They developed all those techniques but screenspace GI wasn’t released to game. At least I did get that impression. I might remember wrong. But in anycase SSGI isn’t proper GI. It’s just there to add micro scale details top of the baked macro scale GI.

I say “help with bleeding” you say “add accurate shadowing”. Same thing.

If it’s their lightmass team it sounds like it could be just baked lighting improvements and nothing related to dynamic GI

A RenderFarm rental service for ArchViz studios.
Bingo! lmao