Surface Pro 3

I’m looking at buying a new laptop and I’m intrigued by the Surface Pro 3. Would it be able to run UE4? It seems to have all the requirements except for having the HD4400 (virtual) video card.

Not very well

My max spec MacBook Air (Intel HD5000 GPU) runs smaller UE4 projects ok, but projects with demanding rendering will cause some pretty low frame rates (< 20fps); additionally, even the smaller projects which run fairly well cause the machine to run pretty hard/hot and burns up the battery fast (using t.MaxFPS to cap the framerate and disabling realtime viewports helps a little).

I would definitely recommend something with a discrete video card; Nvidia Maxwell (800m series) came out recently and gives quite a bit of perf and battery savings, finding a laptop with a card like this would be a good idea.

If you are wanting a smaller sized laptop on a budget take a look at the off-brand laptops sold by Xotic PC/iBuyPower/HIDEvolution; I just got a Clevo w230ss and it runs UE4 amazing!

I have a SP3 i7 and have yet to try it out. One thing I’ve heard is the HD5000 will get DX12 and could greatly increase performance. I was able to get Mass Effect 3 running better than it runs on my Xbox 360 so it’s not horrible by any means and that was at the 1440p res on the screen or whatever it is. It’s a 3:2 aspect ratio so some games support it but forget off the top of my head what it is. But I guess it all depends what you are trying to develop and how scalable it will be. But if you get a SP3, definitely get an i7. It will make a serious difference and I love mine so far. Hope that helps bud! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice. If you do end up using UE4 on your SP3 (love the acronyms!) let me know how it goes.

You got it. Been slammed lately but should be trying this out soon. Take it easy.

It’s too bad MC Stryker never came back and let us know how his experience went.

My SO has a Surface Pro 3 and I honestly think it’s the best machine I’ve ever used in terms of build quality/design/etc. Not sure about the specs for UE4. Let ya’ll know if I ever get to try it