Surface Pro 2 and the Intel 4400 or any other mobile UE4 solution?

Has anyone tried running the UE4 editor on an Intel 4400 system? I’m thinking of purchasing a surface pro 2 and being able to use UE4 in editor mode would be a huge plus.

Otherwise, any other recommendation for a mobile UE4 editor machine?

It will not run it very well. If you want something mobile there are many laptops that have much more capable graphics cards, even for a similar cost. For tablets like that you’re paying a lot for the form factor.

Yea, and I do consider that a big plus. I want one already so that I could do 2d art with the pressure sensitive stylus and 3d sculpting. Being able to run UE4 on it would be fantastic for on the go work and seal the deal immediatly. I obviously would still do most of my main development on my desktop.

(It actually made me think about going back to my own engine again [for a minute or two] since it’s much more friendly to low-resource environments …)

I have a Dell venue pro 11 with I5 and Intel 4600 hd graphics, it runs very slow even at low settings… less than 10 fps.
was hoping to do some blueprints while on the go but this is not fast…