Suppress lighting rebuild message on screen of packed version

Is there a way I can suppress that big red message on the screen. I don’t mind it in the editor but on a packed version I mean on the packed version I made for testing it is very and annoying.

Why aren’t you building lighting for your test build? Surely the testers are looking out for visual bugs/inconsistencies too?

Because I’m having an issue where building the lighting crashes the editor every time. on anything higher than preview.

Also on a side note the lighting takes forever and a day to build. But I can’t get the dang swarm to work. I can get all of the machines to talk to the swarm coordinator and it starts the grey bar that means that it is starting and getting the data. I have let that go for about 4 hours and it never starts rendering on the remote machines they just sit there with the light gray stripe and it will just run on the one swarm agent that is assigned the job. Even if I tell it to not process locally it will just run on only one core. I don’t get it I have tried turning off all of the firewalls. the machines seem to talk fine. I haven’t tried it yet in 4.5 but I don’t recall seeing anything that said it had been updated.

World settings > Lightmass > force no precomputed lighting.

Thanx But that deosnt seem to make a difference I still get the red notice.

UPDATE: Ahh you have to restart the editor, then package for it to take effect