Support for Google Cardboard

Hey all,

Excuse me if the thread has already been posted or if it was answered somewhere before. I am a programmer for a company interested in making a couple of VR games. Currently we are looking into using Unreal as a technology (we have used it on a couple of other non-VR projects). My question is how is the Google Cardboard support for Unreal. I know VR development requires an SDK (certainly does in the case of the headsets) but what about Cardboard? Would we have to implement our own renderer or is there a “default” VR mode renderer? Any issues that someone might have encountered, workarounds etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry if these questions seem vague I’d be happy to clarify anything that needs clearing up. Thank you for your time.

There is no official Google Cardboard SDK support for now and there is no clear answer about ETAs or version index of the integration. But defenetly some users are working on their own implementations.