[SUPPORT] Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

Hi Kuhmachtmuh, thank you for letting me know. I have reproduced the issue and this is not the intended behavior. This has to do with which player is set as the owner of the unit, which is currently being set incorrectly to the player for spawned AI units. I’ll make sure to fix this in an upcoming hotfix. When I have the time to implement a fix to this particular issue I will post about it here.

@Kuhmachtmuh: Ok, got to look at it now. Turned out to be a simple fix. Add the highlighed nodes to HandleUnitSpawning in BP_ATBTT_State:

Hello Monokkel,

My Puppets are animating fine in Play in Editor when i build the game they are stuck in a T-Pose could you please help Cheers.

Hmm, well that is odd. Are you using the default included puppets or have you added your own?

Two new videos on adding and animating puppets are up:

Hello Monokkel,
I worked out my issue the puppet mesh is made up of a series of skeletal meshes so i can customize each puppet. I assigned my UnitMesh a custom Anim Bp but i did not assign all of my attached meshes the same Anim BP. I went back to the editor and set them to the same Anim Bp rebuilt the game and everything is working. I hope this makes sence S

Aha, makes more sense that you would get that issue when you’re trying something so different. Glad you figured it out!

For those who do not follow the ATBTT DIscord I thought I should make you aware of an amazing tutorial by @mflux showing how you can add fog of war to 3D maps in ATBTT (the tutorial is also generic enough to be used for other projects). The tutorial can be found here. I also recommend checking out his really cool WIP tactics game Operators, which has a playtest demo available on Itch.

Yes. is exactli like heroes 3 . return atack. Multiplecreatures in 1 stack. Isend teh mesege in suport.i mace a game kice hmm3 with many other ideas. Commits · heroes-of-Strategy/HoS.v10 · GitHub

Hey all, version 3.01 of the ATBTT is live. This is not a feature update, but a hotfix that fixes several issues introduced in the last, big refactor. There are also a few minor changes and additions. Below are some of the bigger changes and fixes. For the full changelog see my Trello.

v3.01 (live 23.02.21)

  • New pathfinding type preferring snaking paths to long turns on hex grids
  • Added animation input pin to PuppetComponent event dispatchers, allowing bound events to know what animation has triggered.
  • Custom Game Over text re-added.
  • Fixed Place Actor at Anchor (was broken).
  • Various fixes to units spawned at runtime.
  • Fixed PassThroughFriendly pathfinding type. No longer removed units passed over from GridUnits.
  • Fixed issue where some puppets would sporadically not spawn for clients in networked games.

Hi ser.man94. This is a pretty broad question so we’ll have to take it one step at a time. First lets start with the HoMM-style unit stacks. The general approach here would be to add a new variable to BP_Unit holding the amount of units. When a unit takes damage so that current health reaches 0, the number of units would be subtracted rather than killing the unit (until number of units reaches 0). Also in your abilities you would multiply damage by number of units in the stack.

As I mentioned on Discord I have given an explanation in the support thread on how to achieve this before, which can be found here. However, this is for an older version of the toolkit and I understand that it might be difficult to convert if you’re new to the toolkit. I’ll give you a more detailed description on how to achieve this in the new version when time permits.

I was wondering if it was just me doing something wrong about this. Glad to know it's fixed now! Thank you for the update!

Here is a starting point:

Create a duplicate of BP_Unity_Anim. Remove the HealthBar component and the functions referring to it (ModifyHealthBar and SetupHealthBar). Add a text render component to display the unit amount (a bit basic, but works for demo purposes). Enable tick and rotate the text render to face the camera on tick:

misin the component from image

if is posible sent thos file.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Apologies if I gave you a headache.

The reason things look different in the older post is because it is from an older version of ATBTT. In the new versions I do things like the Health Bar a bit differently. If you want to use the old version you can use the UE4.25 version of ATBTT, but I recommend using the new version, as I’ve made many improvements.

If you can have the patience to wait a few more days I will soon enter paternity leave and will have more time to help out with support. I just have a lot of work until then and this is a pretty complicated question to answer. I will need to test things out in the engine myself and post screenshots of my code. I should be able to help you sometime mid to late next week. I recommend you focus on some other part of your game until then. Hope you understand.

Thankyou not a problem to wait. it is lot of things to do. :slight_smile:

hi @ monokkel . had some busy weeks but finally i have same time and my pc is working again XD
maybe you can remember of my chat plays project

so my goal is to have some form of free roam like in the hydra map .
i would like to skip the atk phase if im not in combat and the enemy should only activate/ detect if he can see/hear the player in range X .
also the camera should focus the enemy only if we are in combat. if not the cam focus should be on the player all the time
i tried to have a look in the hydras map but my understanding of the turn system is apparently to low so i hope you can help me with some screenshots or something else :frowning:

in this case the chat should only enter tiles from the blue grid options (skip the part with c3) until the enemy dedects the player and the cam shoudnt switch to the enemy til combat is activated

It seems to consistently crash for me when a unit is in the middle of moving and you hit the end turn button - it finishes the movement then crashes.

Hey, so it seems like you want something like the 2D map. The way this is done in the 2D map is first, that only the player unit is added to InitiativeOrderActors in BP_TurnManager at the start of the game. The player unit is thus the only unit that will be activated. Next, the unit uses the BP_Ability_FreeRoam ability. This is an ability that never runs out of AP and that can move any number of spaces. This is probably not what you want in your game, since you always want to show the blue tiles.

I think using ATBTT’s stealth system should get you pretty close to where you want to be. Add the BP_GridManager_StealthSystem component to your Grid Manager. In its properties set UnawareFactions to the factions of your enemies. This will cause them not to be added to initiative at the start of the game. Next you want the enemies to be added to initiative when they detect the player. You can do this by calling the WakeNearbyUnits function, which can be accessed in BP_Ability and its child blueprints. The stealth system will also automatically let enemies detect your units when they move. Check out the EventGraph of BP_StealthSystem where you can change the ranges at which units will hear or spot units.

Hi, sorry that you are experiencing this issue. I am not able to reproduce this bug at my end. Does this happen with a fresh, unmodified project built with the newest version of ATBTT? Could you tell me the precise steps I need to do in order to reproduce the issue?

Ok, thanks for the patience. I’ll try to get around to this soon. While trying to find a solution to your question I ran into an issue with the health bar UI which I need to fix in order to help you, so it will take some more work.

Hey, I finally managed to reproduce this bug. Seems like it only happens if you spam the End Turn button repeatedly, but that will consistently cause the game to crash. Thanks a lot for letting me know, as this was a serious bug. I will be adding it to a hotfix soon. Until then, here is how you can fix it on your own:

Add the following branch to the Player Controller:

Delete the Queue function in BP_Action_ShowSelection. After deleting it should look like this:


Does the Toolkit support stairs, particularly stairs that have a small gap between steps? My feeble attempts make me think ‘no’.

Hi. I recently got the toolkit and am enjoying the tutorials and looking around. However I have only been using unreal for just over a year and am a slow learner. I’m finding it hard to penetrate a lot of whats going on in the toolkit especially when it comes to changing things and adding my own features. I’m getting the hang of the puppet basics and have managed to edit the camera BPs to my liking but I’m rapidly starting to feel out of my depth.

One thing I don’t really understand is the HUD for puppets. I am trying to work out how to get the HUD to display current health as a numeric value rather than a bar. I am also trying to figure out how to get current AP to display in the same way. I am only really familiar with the basics of widget binding so any specifics you can give as to how its working in your toolkit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help!