SuperGenius - Modular Home Megathread! (FAQ, Requests, Bug Report)

** Welcome to the SuperGenius Modular Home Megathread! **

We felt it best to create a single, comprehensive thread that hopefully answers any questions that you might have about our pack. It’s best to have an open conversation about our products so we can continue to create high-quality content with the best support. With that, we encourage everyone that purchases our packs to give us feedback; whether it’s a feature request, bug report or a general use inquiry.

To start things off, we put together a helpful Modular Home FAQ!

  • Can I build unique homes with this?

Indeed! This pack is completely modular. It’s broken down into logical pieces so you can arrange them yourself and build unique homes; think “The Sims” or “Legos”.

  • What about neighborhoods?

Absolutely. I would recommend building a few homes in a separate scene, group them up and bring them into your neighborhood scene afterwards. Also, some of the meshes are pretty dense and currently without LODs. So, I wouldn’t fill out full interiors for every home in the scene unless absolutely necessary.

  • Can I use custom textures? Substance?

We do provide a material that supports custom textures! Both tileable and unique. Just keep in mind that all meshes use UV Set 0 for tileable textures (lots of UV stacking) and UV Set 1 for unique textures (no stacking). I explain this further towards the end of the breakdown video (linked below).

  • Can I make multi-story homes?

Yes and no. In the current version, We don’t provide stairs, banisters, vaulted ceilings or custom walls that would support some stair styles. That said, the pack is designed in a way to work well with your art. Implementing your own stairs and ceilings should be pretty easy. There is multi-story supported exterior pieces however, so multi-level facades can be created.

  • Any plans to update the pack with more content?

We are definitely looking into future support for the pack. We want to provide the best content and support we can to our customers. If there is something specific you’d like to see in the pack, let us know!

  • Is there a handy video tutorial that describes the pack in more depth and demonstrates the materials?

Yes! The video breakdown is located here: SuperGenius - Unreal Marketplace - Modular Home on Vimeo


As we receive more feedback, I will update this original post with additional FAQs, in progress updates and bug fixes.

In the mean time, if you haven’t checked out our packs yet, please head on over to the Marketplace and take a gander. We’re just getting started and have some great stuff planned for the future. Thank you everyone for your interest and we look forward to starting this conversation.

Link to the Modular Home pack on the web version of the Unreal Marketplace:

Hey guys! Glad to see you’re starting a support thread. It’s a great idea and a really smart way to stay in touch with your customers. Would you like me to get this thread linked off of your product page so more people can find it from there?

@Jon - Yes, that would be rad! Thanks! There’s one for the Weather FX too. :slight_smile: -!-(FAQ-Requests-Bug-Report)

Looks awesome! Gonna buy and see how it holds up.

The asking price is steep considering that most of the meshes are basic walls. I kind of expected for there to be sofas and chairs as well.

I can see how one might feel that way at first, as the meshes are pretty simple to allow for modular use. However, we felt that between the highly flexible architecture, materials, 4k/2k textures and the easy-tiling blueprint, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of the pack. Couple that with one-on-one support and plans for content updates (at no extra charge), it’s value is only going to get better. So, please feel free to put together some things that you’d like to see in the pack and thank you for picking it up!

Also, the chairs, sofa table and TV that you see in the screengrabs are all from the free packs provided by Epic and Xoio; Realistic Rendering and Berlin Flat, respectively. So I encourage everyone to use those assets as well for some more fleshed out prototyping.


Support Email: [EMAIL=“”]

I saw in the images of the bathrooms they had a mirror, I was curious if that mirror is a real mirror as in does it reflect a clear image or is it distorted?

I was trying to copy the example house to another test scene, but when copying it to there, the roof was lost. I tried to make whole thing as blueprint, but again it losed the roof (along with floor, actually, and it seemed something else was missing too). How could I copy a “finished” house from one project to another, so that all related is movig with it? So how can I reuse the house if I have made it once?

Can it be 2 or 3 story houses? the models is nice but ideally if it can only look one way it may not be the best purchase for me for that price.

It’s a pretty rough estimate still, and not real-time. UE4 doesn’t have the best solution for perfect real-time mirrors at the moment (without using blueprints).

If I understand correctly, this might be what you’re looking for:

Otherwise, if it’s already implemented into your project, just not into scene:

  • Open the demo house scene, select everything, then hit CTRL+C
  • Open your game’s primary scene, hit CTRL+V
  • Hit “F” (Or whatever you have set to “focus object”)
  • Place the scene where you’d like.

Currently the pack supports 2 or 3 story facades (no interiors) as we don’t provide stairs (yet). No ETA on a content update quite yet, but this is one of the first things on our list!

dang so now im getting this and the weather thing this weekend. stop taking my money bro lol

Thanks, but that was not what I was looking for - or well it related to it :slight_smile:
Thing is, that that is what I had already tried (copy-paste operation you mentioned, migrating and also combining to blueprint and then copying). The problem with all cases was, that while the example house was copied, the copy was missing roof, floor and some other parts. Even if I had all selected when copy-paste, or even if I had all selected when creating blueprint combination. I do not know if its a bug with UE4, or if it is something wrong with your example models for roof or floor, or something I am missing when doing the copy.
Can you repeat the problem? If you try to copy-paste the example house to , i.e. another level, does it come as supposed or is it also missing those areas?

Interesting, it looks like that it’s not properly copying over the blueprint tile mesh. I’ll try and get in asap and see if I can resolve the issue!

do you know how to import uproject files after the update

Hey there! So I confirmed some suspicions that I when you pointed out the roofs and floors specifically. Are you selecting just static meshes? The roofs and floors are blueprint actors, not static meshes. When I grabbed the whole scene (minus lights, cameras and the skydome), including those blueprint actors for the floors/ceiling/roof, and copy/pasted into notepad, I was able to then paste them into a fresh scene without error. I can post screenshots of my steps if needed. Hopefully that helps!

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you trying to migrate the Modular Home pack into your existing project?

Odd… the problem was what you mentioned I had not selected the blueprint ones… even I thought I was. I recall trying it few times, with all selected including those blueprint ones and it didn’t copy them… but now when I tried it again after you message all was copying there as it should :slight_smile: Problem solved… :smiley:

Thanks SuperGenius! :wink:

Hi how are you, I sent you a mail a couple of days ago, i am having some Scale problems with this pack, see the screen:

scale (1).jpg

Also I am having some bad fps considering that the scene is pretty empty.

fps (1).jpg

Do you have the problems described above?


You can scale the objects, and I think the FPS drop is from lighting. If those pointlights are dynamic, they destroy performance quick. Spotlights are much less hungry. Havent had performance issues with the pack myself.

I Will test the lights config and see the performance.
however I think the scale problem should be fixed idem to other asset content creators on marketspace with some scale problems on their assets which they fixed with an update.

I think you should remove the livingroom interior models out of your demo video if it’s not in there.
Thought it’s included too, but it isn’t.

(Not a big deal for me because i can model it by myself, but just saying.)