Super Metroid UE4

Thanks Tanka2d,
Took me a bit to get it but it’s pretty simple, I have the default “MyCharacter” blueprint, another blueprint for the ball itself and a custom player controller. In my PC I pretty much have when I hit a key it spawns the ball, posses it and destroys the other character blueprint.

This thread is so full of pure win. I LOVED Super Metroid back then and this project brings back alot of good old memories.
Really good job so far, especially with the camera work and the morphing ball feature.

It’s really great to see things like this. I am looking forward to see more updates in the future mate!

WOW! looks great, I’d play it :smiley:

Thanks guys! Making some progress, will be getting some more updates here within the next few weeks.

Hey Everyone!
Been awhile! Been pretty busy lately and I was stuck on quite a few things with the project but I’ve made some big progress in the last week and a half and wanted to get an update video up here. listed the changes in the description. Let me know what you think!

Looking really good! You’ve made some good progress.

The third update is impressive.
I’m in love with the " ball morphing " XD Anyway you should fix a little the physics of the jumps. It takes too long before he landing again.
Keep doing the good work!

Can’t wait to play it, keep up the great work!

Nice work, The Morphball falling speed looks slow, I would adjust that slightly, everything else is shaping up to be good though, I am personally doing something similiar although in a different perspective…

Thanks everyone! still quite a bit to do and tweak. thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to seeing it sometime Recker :slight_smile:

Nice work with the camera, the game is really starting to look like Metroid! I just think the transition between the rooms should be a bit smoother. I’m also working on a game influenced by our beloved Samus, not a remake though. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bruno,
Yeah the transitions have been a bit of a bother and has improved a lot but hoping to get it more smooth somehow, will be tackling that quite a bit more later I think. And Nebula is looking amazing! great job on it so far. Perhaps we could work together a bit sometime :slight_smile:

Very cool , very good work ,

Long way to go, but what I’m seeing is already very interesting :slight_smile:
You should def. also look at Metroid Other M for inspiration.

I wish I had the time to contribute to this, sadly im swamped with stuffs.
Good luck on it!

Bro that looks sick! I’m currently working on remixing all of the Super Metroid music, so if you want music for this remake please let me make it. Here’s a link to a preview of what I’ve been working on: Super Metroid: Shadows of SR388 by theartinme | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The best way to contact me is through either soundcloud or reddit, my reddit is Hope to hear from you sometime!

This is pretty awesome. I hope you can push this through. I’m worried about Nintendo though. They tend to be nasty about anything cool that they aren’t involved in lately. The whole youtube situation is a mess.

hey UTitanXSI just wondering if there was any progress on SM unreal 4??

This is really awesome, a 2.5d super metroid remake that has tons of potential!

Bump. I want to know more about this project.

Don’t wanna be a party pooper but maybe consider not branding it as metroid, considering the slew of CnDs Nintendo send out to fan games (among those quite a few Metroid remakes/sequels)