Super inaccurate collision on actors

HI guys!

I´m having certain issues when it comes to collisions. I have in my game 5 different actors that spawn randomly and fall on top of a mesh and I want to stack them up like in a game of tetris. To do so, I´ve played with the collision meshes to adapt to the shape of my actors (they´re rectangular geometric figures and their faces are multiples of 6, so they can stack up without leaving gaps between them), tried using complex collision as simple, customizing collision responses, everything I´ve read about collision, but there is still some overlapping between them when touching another actor.
I´m really close to thinking that the engine doesn´t like me and simply decided not to do the things I want it to do.

Any help would be more than welcome!!

Hi Matias,

In your collision, do you have the actors set to block all or at least to block the object type that these actors are? Check your collision groups to be sure. One way to do it is to create a custom object type for your actors, then set these actors to block that object type. Try this and see if it helps you.

Adam, thank you for replying!
I currently have all the actors involved blocking each other with the settings shown in the attached image (the same settings for the shapes as the platform).
Regarding the collision groups and the custom object type, I´m afraid you lost me there.

Thanks again!!!