!!!SUPER DIFFICULT!!! Combine modular mesh with terrain +etc.

I have very difficult task to do I am working on it for ages. We have modular pieces but they actually not modular because they have its own curvature, every piece. So I can not imported to Unreal Engine 4 because I need very accurate collision which Unreal doesn’t support 1 to 1 (to use model as a collision) that is very strange. Than I can not generate it with landscape spline as the spline can not do T junction. Basically this all things - import collision + t junctions I can not do it in Unreal engine 4 ,so what can I do …nothing just wait for maybe unreal 5 when I finaly can use mesh 1 to 1 as a collider and do simple T junction. I am fed up with this because this should be easy to do and I am stuck with this for long time. Can any super mind tell me how to import 1 to 1 collider to unreal (I don’t want convex crapy generated collider from unreal , it looks like a big mess ,and see my character flying above the surface) and how to make bloody T JUNCTION on spline??I search on you tube nothing,even Good doesn’t know how to generate t junction. Pleeeeeeeease help!!! btw I can not even …ah even lightmap will not work on it…Unity is super easy with all this things but just because of blueprints I am trying to put all in unreal which is not IMPORT FRIENDLY AT ALL.

What you’re looking for…

When you have the static mesh window open, under details, under “Static Mesh Settings” you’re looking for “Collision Complexity” change it to “Use Complex Collision As Simple”
See the attached image.


it works_as I want it but it says “for simple collision test”- why only for test does it have any restrictions?

There are 2 “tests” when something collides in Unreal, a “Simple” and “Complex”. The Simple test normally uses the collision hulls that are invisible, but not as accurate as you want. The Complex test uses the render geometry for the collision tests.

When you change this setting you use the complex for all collision tests.
It’s more expensive computationally, as it’s run for every polygon on the mesh. It may cause decreased performance, but it’s a trade off you need to decide.

Ok thank You LMP3D, that is what I was looking for. Finally I can move on further. I will use this collision only for this mesh so it shouldn’t have huge impact anyway I believe there is some optimalizations available to apply.