SunSky breaking some textures


I recently tried to use the SunSky lighting effect. When I started using it, certain textures became solid black, including the ThirdPersonGamemode example’s DocumetationActor. Same thing happened for the PaperSprites I’m using, as well as a custom texture I made for a “wallhack”. Normal lighting does not have this bug, so it’s something to do with my implementation of SunSky. I’d really appreciate any suggestions!

Edit: Also just found out that an actor which uses EmissiveMeshMaterial is invisible. Map check gives this error:
Task_2 More overridden materials (2) on static mesh component than are referenced (1) inn source mesh ‘Cube’

2020-08-21 10_31_11-TrapGame - Unreal Editor.jpg


This is a total shot in the dark, but take a look at the lighting channels for the objects that have gone all black. See if they have lighting channel 0 checked, which should be the same lighting channel your SunSky has active.

They do both have lighting channel 0 checked. Is this bad or good? Sorry, I’ve always been a backend guy so this stuff goes over my head

Edit: I changed the material of the sprite from MaskedUnlitSpriteMaterial -> MaskedLitSpriteMaterial which fixed that, but my custom texture and the emissive materials are still black.

I suspect this may not help, but you could try adding a skysphere to your scene (UE4 comes with one in the engine content folder, that’s what I used)

I had a somewhat similar problem with single layer water materials, it would render as black when looking through it at the sky, but adding a skysphere to the scene solved the issue. I was not using the sunsky actor though, just the regular skyatmosphere actor.

This is the material I used for my skysphere:

No luck copying that over unfortunately, but thank you for the suggestion!