Sun & Sky: Different in Play mode

I setup my Sun & Sky.
But when I press the PLAY Button, the position of the sun is different.:eek:

Why and what am I missing here?

thanks a lot for any little help!


you are not giving a lot of info, but I am going to assume you setup your sun using the new SunSkyActor.
If you set the position of your sun using the the shortcut "Ctrl + L", the game will override this setting using the defaults (Day/Month/Year/Lat/Long) set in the actor.

ohhh… I see… thank you so much - you are the best!
hmm… but how do you use then the “CTRL+L” option?

I mean… I like the CTRL+L option, I setup the sun like I want and boom done.
How can I copy the values to the default?
Or overwrite the default with the one I chose using the CTRL+L option?

thank you so much … you made my day!