Suggestions Please.Thank you for your time

I have basic knowledge of coding in c++.I know how OOP’s work.i prefer to learn things from scratch even if its the hard way.
I mean i dont like using blueprints but i would like to create from blank projects using c++.
Can anyone suggest me some book or tutorials link which will help me understand the abstract concepts of coding in unreal engine 4
like UPROPERTY(VisibleDefaultsOnly, BlueprintReadOnly, Category = Pickup)
i can understand UPROPERTY is a function and the others are arguments

I want to understand what or how VisibleDefaultsOnly BlueprintReadOnly effects the behaviour in unreal engine 4
is there any reference to understand them ?

Suggest me if there a certain approach which i should follow and correct me if i am wrong

I am currently learning c++ in my ug course and also learning maya from an institute(just to tell that i am not totally dumb)

I am WILLING to LEARN the HARD WAY if the way helps me understand the concepts clearly(without confusion).

Thank you for your time