Suggestions for Data Storage

Hey there.
I was wondering if anybody have any suggestions for what would be a good data storage solution.
The goal is to be able to storage relatively simple data for each level in the game. And to use this data to create a level .
I am currently looking into csv and datatables. At the moment i need 2csv files for each level:



For each level there will be around 30-60 lines*2 files.
Only problem i can think about is that there will be a lot of csv/datatable files. Lets say if there is 200 levels.
But on the other hand if i make 1 more comma value in the files called Level i will have a hard time looping through level 1-67 to get to the values for 68.

If any of this made any sense to you I dont know, my usage of words is not always the greatest :slight_smile:
If anybody got any suggestions or link to other types of data storage i can look into i will be really happy