Suggestions for a better experience using the creation tool

We need more eyes , mouth , nose , cheeks presets. I like the interface and how easy is to make changes to the characters but one thing bothered me when i was creating my character and that was when i was trying to straighten the brows , I couldn’t quite do that , it would only let me make em’ more round or just go up , down but i couldn’t quite straighten them. I don’t know It might be my fault, although I tried the blend option and got a better result, but still it should be possible to make these changes using the sculpt option and if you want to have a better idea of what I’m talking about , you should check out the creation tool in sims 4 it’s a lot easier to do these things. Even though I can’t compare it when it comes to how realistic is this and how much depth this creation tool has, but still it’s a good basic tool which you could take some notes from. Thanks for your hard work and for this magnificent tool.